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Rental service

Naranfres brings you a container rental service perfect for storing any type of product, with guaranteed high quality, easy-to-use products and full adaptation to your needs.

Box/pallet hire services

Rental service of plastic Pallets and Big Box in Andalusia, Badajoz and south of Portugal. Big Box for fruit and vegetables and crates of plastic of high quality at the best price.

We offer three varieties: Big box small, Big box big and Box solid.

Big Box Big

Dimensions 12000*1000*780, rejillado with four legs, 670 liters. In the transportation of a trailer load of 78 units (26 ft * 3, height)

Big Box Small

Dimensions 12000*1000*585, rejillado with four legs, with 465 liters. In the transportation of a trailer load 104 units (26 feet * 4, height)

Box solid

Dimensions 12000*1000*780 WITHOUT REJILLAR, with four legs , 670 litres, base floor and walls solid without rejillar.

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